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Lutoryż, Rzeszow, Polska.  

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Facts about Poland

Weather in Poland ...

Weather in Poland is very instable and  sometimes is not predictable and can surprise us. Due to significant differences that occur from day to day, and more increasingly from year to year, it is extremely difficult to predict what kind of weather is going to be at any given day. Generally, the Polish seasons are clearly differentiated.

Season's Dates: 
March 21         – first day of  Spring, 
June 22           – first day of  Summer, 
September 23  – first day of  Autumn, 
December 22   – first day of Winter. 
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 A D V E R T I S E M E N T:

Spring begins in March and, although initially it is rather cold, as the days progress it gets warmer. It is an ideal season for those who prefer pleasant warmth instead of unbearable heat in the summer. This season is perfect if you plan on taking in the sights of Poland, walking and even hiking in the Polish mountains due to low temperatures and humidity.

Summer in Poland starts in June and is typically the warmest and brightest season of the year. June is the hottest month of the year, but but weather varies greatly from year to year. The average temperature in July is 67°F (19°C). There are also  very hot days when temperatures exceed 86°F (30°C). There is plenty of sun, and this is the season when all the resorts on the Baltic coast are filled to capacity with tourists. The resorts are most crowded during the months of June, July and August.

Autumn begins in September and since it is preceded by summer, it is usually still a little bit warm and sunny at the beginning. But it gradually turns colder and foggy by November. During this time landscapes are beautifully adorned with falling, colorful leaves that it gained its reputation as the famous "Polish golden autumn". They say that there is no better season than this one, and you should come and see Polish mountains. The views are stunningly beautiful during autumn season.

Winter in Poland is usually gray and wet. Temperatures drop rapidly, and days become shorter,  there are frequent intervals of snow. Polish winter last from December to March, but in the mountains snow stays until May. The coldest months of the season are January and February where temperatures sometimes drop to -22°F (-30°C). With huge snowfalls, the Polish mountains offer good conditions for winter sports enthusiasts.


Source: PI 


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