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Facts about Poland 

Polish Citizenship Law ....

Principles of citizenship are governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and the Citizenship Act of February 15, 1962.


Polish citizenship is based on blood relation, not place of birth...


Godlo Polski (...) The Law:

Principles of citizenship are governed by the Constitution of the Republic of Poland and the Citizenship Act of February 15, 1962.

(...) By Birth:

Child who was born or found within the territory of the Republic of Poland acquires citizenship if both parents are not known, whose citizenship cannot be established, or who are stateless.

(...) By Descent:

Child acquires citizenship regardless of the country of birth, if both parents are citizens of Poland or at least one of parents is Polish citizen and the other one is either not known or whose citizenship cannot be established, or who is stateless.

Child, one of whose parents is a citizen of a foreign country acquires Polish citizenship by birth. However the parents by affidavit executed before proper Polish authorities within three months after the birth of the child can choose foreign citizenship for the child if the laws of the foreign country grant the child citizenship based on descent from the foreign parent. Polish citizenship can be granted to that child if he/she after turning 16, but before 6 months to the legal age executes an affidavit expressing the will of becoming the citizen before proper Polish authorities.

(...) By Naturalization:

Citizenship can be granted by the President of the Republic of Poland. An Alien is eligible to apply for the citizenship if he has resided in Poland as a lawful permanent resident for at least 5 years. The granting of the citizenship can be subjected to submission of the evidence of the loss or renunciation of foreign citizenship.

Marriage to a Polish national does not affect citizenship of both parties.

(...) Lost of Citizenship:

INVOLUNTARY: The Constitution prohibits an involuntary loss of Polish citizenship.

VOLUNTARY: A Polish citizen may gain foreign citizenship with full effect under Polish law once he/she receives a permission to renounce Polish citizenship granted by the President of the Republic of Poland. The loss of citizenship is effective on a date it is granted; therefore Polish citizens with only promissory citizenship in a foreign state would become stateless until they acquire that citizenship. The process of voluntary renunciation of citizenship may be done in Poland or through the nearest Polish consulate.

(...) Dual Citizenship:

Polish law does not recognize dual citizenship of its citizens. While Polish law does not forbid Polish citizen from becoming the citizen of a foreign state by birth or naturalization, Polish authorities shall recognize that national as a Polish citizen only.

Law Information Provided by the Consulate of the Republic of Poland Washington, DC

" Remember Polish citizenship is based on blood relation, not place of birth. As of year 2000 Polish Government follows rules from 1962 and requires from all people who have dual citizenships to make a Polish passport in order to go to Poland. You can enter but when you leave a country you may have a problem See in Polish"

The basic documents that are required to issue a passport, if someone has his/her old expired one, are the old passport and some short questionnaires, (some of which you can skip). The questions are about basic personal information: name, previous names, place of birth, names of your parents, your mother's maiden name, your current address, and the last address in Poland if someone used to live in Poland on a permanent basis, as well as the date of immigration. Also, one needs proof of identity and of Polish citizenship and a physical description. One also needs to bring passport photos, a document showing his/her current address, and proof of his/her permanent or temporary residency rights. And pay the passport fee. In the case of children born here the procedure is the same but one needs the Polish passport of one of his/her parents, a birth certificate, and written parental permission if the child is a minor.

Source: PI
Date: 06/2013


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