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Lutoryż, Rzeszow, Polska.  

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Facts about Poland - Information 

Emergency numbers in Poland ...

112 is the European general emergency number, reachable from the fixed/stationary and mobile/cellular  phones, free of charge, everywhere in Poland and the EU. 
All emergency calls from the phone boxes are free of charge.

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 A D V E R T I S E M E N T:

Direct emergency numbers if you dial from the stationary phones:
999: Ambulance
998: Fire Brigade
997: Police
986: Municipal Police
981: Road Assistance

If you are using mobile / cellular  phone: remember to dial the local code before direct emergency number; for example: 22 + 997 to call the police in Warsaw. 

If you do not know the local code, dial the general emergency number: 112 and  operator will request for you the appropriate emergency unit. But we recommend using direct emergency numbers in the case of danger (997 -  Police, 999 - Ambulance, 998 - Fire),  because in some areas the general emergency number (112) still does not work properly.

Numbers which may be also be useful:
Warsaw public transportation information (22) 94 84
Cracow public transportation information  (12) 91 50
International flight departure information  (22) 650 39 43
International flight arrival information        (22) 650 42 20

In case of emergency, you may also contact U.S. Consulate in Poland:

The U.S. Embassy in Warsaw address:
Aleje Ujazdowskie 29/31; Warsaw, Poland
Telephone: (48) (22) 504-2000
This number is available 24 hours a day. For emergencies after business hours, press "0".
Fax:            (48) (22) 504-2688 – Main; (48) (22) 504-2122 – American Citizens Services
The Consular Section entrance is located around the corner at Ulica Piękna 12.
Fax for the Consular Section: (48) (22) 627-4734 (during business hours).
For after-hours emergencies, call the main switchboard number.

The U.S. Consulate General in Krakow address:
Ulica Stolarska 9; Krakow, Poland
Telephone: (48) (12) 424-5100
Fax:            (48) (12) 424-5103
After-hours emergencies: (48) 601-483-348

Consular Agency in Poznań (limited consular services) address:
Ulica Paderewskiego 8; Poznan, Poland
Telephone: (48) (61) 851-8516
Fax:            (48) (61) 851-8966

If you plan to travel to Poland, you can unblock your mobile / cellular phone and purchase local  Sim Card (example: Tak tak) in the kiosks at the airport or some other  locations  (example: EMPiK, etc) around the country.  Taking  with you  a phone car charger might  be convenient. 

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Source: PI 


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