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Lutoryż, Rzeszow, Polska.  

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Facts about Poland 

Information about Poland ...

Poland - (Rzeczpospolita Polska) is a country located in Central Europe, situated between the Baltic Sea in the north and the Sudeten and Carpathian Mountains in the south, in the basin of the Vistula and Oder. From the west, bordered by Germany, south of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, to the east of Ukraine and Belarus, north east of Lithuania to the north of Russia through administrative unit called the Kaliningrad region.

In Poland, live more than 38.5 million people, and is placed in terms of population as a 34th place in the world and 6th in the European Union.

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Flag | Flaga

Coat of arms | Godło

[ Poland is Beautiful | Polska jest Piękna - Bogaczewicz Film Studio www ]

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Poles speak Polish which is classified as a family of Slavic languages. In hotels and tourist places you can communicate well in English, German and Russian.

White Eagle on a red background

Color: White - on - top and red on the bottom. anthem

Called: Mazurek Dąbrowskiego; Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła... (Poland has not yet perished...)
>> words  (in Polish)
>> history (in Polish)

Central Europe.


Bigger cities:
Warszawa, Łódź, Kraków.

Government representatives:
The Sejm and the Polish Senate, where the head of the government is:
President - Bronislaw Komorowski of year 2010-2015 and from 2015r. Andrzej Duda. (check information on:

The President is elected for 5 years from the date of swearing.

the total area of the country .......... 312,685 km2 ( 120,727sqm )
land area, including inland waters .... 311,904 km2
internal waters .............................. 1,991 km2
territorial sea ................................ 8,682 km2
The total area of the country approved by the administrative division is 312,685 km2 and covers a land area (including inland waters - 311,904 km2 and part of the internal waters - 781 km2 , ie .: Zalwewu Vistula, along with ports - 303 km2; Szczecin Lagoon, together with: lake; Nowowarpienski, Lake; Wicko Great, Kamieński Lagoon and ports - 466 km2 and the Gulf of Gdansk port and border ports - 12 km2.

Territorial structure::
The number of municipalities ........................... 2489
Number of counties / cities with counties ............ 308/65
The number of provinces .................................... 16
As of 1 January 1999 was introduced a new fundamental three-tier territorial division of country, the units are
municipalities, counties and provinces. Created 308 counties and 65 cities with county rights and 16 provinces. Division remained unchanged for the municipality, which was the 2489th auxiliary units in communes: villages. As of 31 December 1999 there were as many as 40057 villages.

The length of the Country Border ........  3495 km
The length of Maritime Border length ....... 440 km

with Russia ................. 210 km
with Lithuania .............. 103 km
with Belarus ................ 416 km
with Ukraine ................ 529 km
with Slovakia ............... 541 km
with the Czech Republic .. 790 km
with Germany .............. 467 km

[ History - Borders of Poland ]


The highest mountain peak:
Rysy .............. 2499 m

status of the population in the year 2000  ......... 38,646,023
status of the population in the year 1999  ......... 38,183,000
status of the population in the year 1990  ......... 35,735,000
status of the population in the year 1980  ......... 32,658,000
status of the population in the year 1970  ......... 29,795,000

Viability Society:
Men   ........ 68.8
Women ..... 77.5
Almost 80% of deaths in Poland emerges from the diseases, ie . As a result of diseases of the circulatory system (approx. 50%), malignant tumors (approx. 20%) and injury and poisoning (about 7%). The most common causes of infant deaths are caused by pathological conditions in the prenatal period (over 50%) and congenital defects (approx. 30%).

Religious Confessions:
Catholic  .................................... 92% (75 % practicing )
Orthodox , Protestant and other ........ 3 %
Irreligious .................................... 5%

1 złoty (ZL) = 100 groszy

Rate Exchange:
Polish złotych (Zł) to US Dollar: $1.00 = 3.70zl (June, 2015), 3.14zl (2006), 4.3455zl (2000), 4.1696zl (December 1999), 3.9671zl (1999), 3.4754zl (1998)

National Holidays:
3 May - Constitution of 3 May (1791)
11 November - Independence Day (1918)

Polish Administrative divisions:
Administrative division of the country into smaller units is a natural and necessary because of the convenience of management and resource management. The division has changed several times, since World War II reforms took place in the years: 1946, 1950, 1957, 1975, and the current three-tier administrative division effective from 1 January 1999.

In Poland, the structure of the divisions of administrative units and their numbers are as follows:

  •       16 voivodeship (provinces)
  •     314 counties (for the county town are generally considered to settlement unit of population above 10,000,
               related functionally associated municipalities)
  •       65 towns with county rights
  •   2478 municipalities (of which 577 are urban and rural, rural municipalities in 1594, and the remaining 242 are municipalities)
  • 56587 rural village.

Voivodeships (Provinces):

  • Województwo dolnośląskie, capital is Wrocław. Cities and towns which are isolated: Legnicę, Wrocław, Jelenią Górę, Wałbrzych; cover Nizinę Śląską i Sudety
  • Województwo kujawsko-pomorskie, Two capitals: Bydgoszcz (Urz Wojewódzki), Toruń (Urz Marszałkowski). Cities with rights of the districts: Bydgoszcz, Grudziądz Włocławek; covers Pojezierze Wielkopolskie, part of Pojezierza Pomorskiego and Kujawy. 
  • Województwo lubelskie, capital is Lublin. Cities with rights of the districts: Zamość, Lublin, Chełm, Biała Podlaska, cover Polesie Lubelskie, Wyżynę Lubelską,  Roztocze. 
  • Województwo lubuskie, capital is Gorzów Wielkopolski. Cities with rights of the districts: Zielona Góra i Gorzów Wielkopolski, obejmuje: zachodnie rejony Polski, dolinę Odry, Warty. 
  • Województwo łódzkie, capital is Łódź. Cities with rights of the districts: Łódź, Skierniewice, Piotrków Trybunalski, cover Nizin Środkowopolskich; 
  • Województwo małopolskie, capital is  Kraków. Cities with rights of the districts: Tarnów, Nowy Sącz, Kraków, covers basin of  Wisła, Podhale, Karpaty. 
  • Województwo mazowieckie, capial is Warszawa, which is the capital city. Cities with rights of the districts: Radom, Siedlce, Płock, Ostrołęka, cover Nizinę Mazowiecką; 
  • Województwo opolskie, capital is   Opole. Cities with rights of the districts: Opole; cover part of Sudety, Niziny and Wyżyny Śląskiej. 
  • Województwo podkarpackie, capital is Rzeszów. Cities with rights of the districts: Krosno, Tarnobrzeg, Przemyśl, Rzeszów, covers Beskid Niski, Kotlina Sandomierska , Karpaty; wooden territory. 
  • Województwo podlaskie, capital is  Białystok. Cities with rights of the districts: Suwałki, Łomża, Białystok; obejmuje Pojezierze Suwalskie, Nizinę Podlaską. Charakteryzuje się dużą lesistością — Puszcza Białowieska, Augustowska, Knyszyńska; 
  • Województwo pomorskie, capital is  Gdańsk. Cities with rights of the districts: Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot, Słupsk, cover Żuławy Wiślane, pas pobrzeża. 
  • Województwo śląskie, capital is  Katowice. Cities with rights of the districts: Katowice, Bielsko-Biała, Bytom, Chorzów, Częstochowa, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Gliwice, Jastrzębie, Jaworzno, Mysłowice, Ruda Śląska, Piekary Śląskie, Rybnik, Siemianowice Śląskie, Sosnowiec, Świętochłowice, Tychy, Zabrze, Żory, cover Wyżynę Śląską, Jurę Krakowsko-Częstochowską, Beskid Śląski and Żywiecki. 
  • Województwo świętokrzyskie, capital is  Kielce. Cities with rights of the districts: Kielce, covers Wyżynę Kielecko-Sandomierską, Góry Świętokrzyskie, Nieckę Nidy. 
  • Województwo warmińsko-mazurskie, capital is  Olsztyn. Cities with rights of the districts: Elbląg i Olsztyn, covers Pojezierze Mazurskie, Pojezierze Chełmińsko-Dobrzyńskie up to Żuławy; 
  • Województwo wielkopolskie, capital is   Poznań. Cities with rights of the districts: Konin, Poznań, Leszno, Kalisz, cover western part Niżu Polskiego. 
  • Województwo zachodniopomorskie, capital is  Szczecin, cover part Pojezierza Pomorskiego. Cities with rights of the districts: Koszalin, Szczecin and Świnoujście, separated 17 counties.

List of Polish administrative division for the province, where each district is indicated by the two-letter abbreviation of the province.


Abbreviations of provinces in Polish
KP kujawsko-pomorskie
LB lubelskie
LS lubuskie
ŁD łódzkie
MP małopolskie
MZ mazowieckie
OP opolskie
PK podkarpackie
PL podlaskie
PM pomorskie
ŚL śląskie
ŚK świętokrzyskie
WM warmińsko-mazurskie
WP wielkopolskie
ZP zachodniopomorskie

Weather in Poland sometimes is changing so fast that we do not even have time to exchange clothes to keep up with it.

Poland belongs to the European Union, NATO and other leading organizations.

Source: PI 
Date: 06-15-2015


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