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Lutoryz, Rzeszow, Polska.  

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About Us

Welcome to - Polish Community on the Web.  was created in 1998 in Chicago, Illinois (USA), to promote all Polish and Poland's related topics / information distributed on the internet in different languages. 

Our goal is to introduce Polish Culture and Heritage to all interested parties and to help Poles around the world reach their countrymen for social and/or business needs. We do not focus on any specific geographic region, but naturally, most visitors and featured web sites would be from the United States of America.  

We are one of the largest Polish web directory in the world.  For all those wishing to advertise in or, please visit our page "Advertising", to learn about our price structure and get some information about our site and its visitors. We continuously run ads in local Polish media and adding our pages in the largest and the most popular search engines in order to assure steady traffic of visitors.

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