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Lutoryż, Rzeszow, Polska.  

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Polish Customs and Traditions 

Dolls ...

Polish Folk Art.

From a beautiful land of many forests and rivers comes Polish Barbie® doll. Although each region of the country has its own style, almost all feature a decorated vest, with a striped skirt and lacey apron. 

Barbie® doll's blonde hair is worn in two thick braids and is adorned with a crown of flowers and colorful ribbon. Her traditional folk costume is a lovely example of festival attire.

 (1) Ceramic Doll                                                 (2) Ceramic Doll

 [ Polish Barbie® doll ]


[ Ethnic costumed Polish Doll  (front and back) ]

[ Ethnic costumed Polish Doll ]

[ Ethnic costumed Polish Dolls ]

 Pictures on this page are for information only. We do not sell/distribute those items. Please check our shopping section.

Source: PI 


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