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Libratus ...

Free Polish school for kids of all the Poles living abroad!


About the school:
On Polish education market appeared free education school offering all Polish children around the world. With the use of the Internet and created educational platform each child receives educational content in a given subject, which may at any time to pursue. Students gain knowledge in a simple and enjoyable way through multimedia presentations and tasks checking, basing on shared through the school of modern textbooks.

Libratus schools teach and certify examine the completion of the class without leaving home. The records, learning, examinations and consultations held with teachers on-line learning agreement with the School libratus, the declaration of the creation of a child learning conditions and a set of books and reading are supplied to parents by courier at the expense of schools and only what you need to learn it computer with Internet access and a webcam.

Learning in Schools libratus takes place at a high level. Educational content has been prepared by many years of school counselors and the substantive content of educational materials ensures Director of the School. It offers parents are teachers, with whom parents can consult the results and progress of children in school. There is also the possibility of having individual lessons, teacher and student, to whom the matter makes particular difficulty.

Schools libratus learning can teach children around the world. For each child having Polish citizenship education is financed from the state budget (provided there is a notification by 31 May each year). The parent bears only the cost of the additional individual lessons with a teacher of the child, which constitute an additional service and non-mandatory. The educational offer is addressed to Polish children living temporarily or permanently outside the Polish. It is a program complement to the school to which attend every day of differences in curriculum and teaching about Polish traditions, history and Polish society.

The school was established with the cooperation of teachers, lawyers, computer scientists and Poles living abroad, which the joint forces led to the creation of a free Polish schools available worldwide, offering educational content presented in an interesting way through a simple-to-use educational platform.

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Sources: Organizator 
Date: 05-19-2010


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