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Polish History 


Polish Legions BadgeMilitary Postcards of Polish Legions during WWI between 1914-1918.

Polish Legions (Legiony Polskie) was the name of Polish armed forces created in August, 1914 in Galicia.  They were composed mostly of former members of various scouting organizations, including Dru┼╝yny Strzeleckie and Zwiazek Strzelecki, as well as volunteers from all around the empire.

Marshal Jozef Pilsudski declared formations of the Legions. Initially the Polish Legions were composed of two legions: the Eastern and the Western. After Russian victory in the Battle of Galicia Eastern Polish legion refused to fight against Russia and was disbanded on 21 September. Later on  December 19, 1914 Western legion was transformed into three brigades:

  I Brigade of the Polish Legions under Jozef Pilsudski.
 II Brigade of the Polish Legions under Jozef Haller de Hallenburg.
III Brigade of the Polish Legions under Zygmunt Zielinski and later Boleslaw Roja, formed in 1915 

Following are interesting old postcards of the Polish Legions during WWI: 

Source: PI 
Date: 09-15-2013

Polish Legions during WWI - General Information on the  Wikipedia web site
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Poland - General Information
The important information about country of  Poland; currency, emergency numbers, driving, weather etc.


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