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Lutoryż, Rzeszów, Polska.  

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Poland Builds World’s Tallest Jesus...

The world's tallest Jesus statue now reigns over a field in western Poland, on the outskirts of a small town Swiebodzin. 


Standing at more than 100 feet tall and erected in a similar design to the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, it will be the world’s grandest statue of Jesus. 

Measuring a towering 51 meters, it is a nearly 14 meters taller than the famous statue in Rio de Janeiro, and even beats the previous record-holder in Bolivia. The body of the statue is 33 meters high, each meter representing a year of Jesus’ life, while the crown perched on his head measures three additional meters. 

Despite Poland’s  historic faith and following of the Catholic Church, the community has become divided, leading to charges of megalomania against the Catholic church. When a crane attempting to place the statue’s head collapsed,  the head fell and crushed a builder’s foot. Many deriders believe this mishap is a sign from God and are calling for the statue to be dismantled.

During the statue's inauguration ceremony, hundreds of pilgrims and curious onlookers descended on the town as a singing procession made its way down the street.

Majority of  local residents are so proud and see the giant statue as an opportunity to attract tourists to their town, which does not normally get many visitors.


Source: Internet 
Date: 09-31-2011

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