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Famous Polish People
Jozef Haller:
General Jozef Haller
1873      - Born in Poland
1918      - Commander of the Polish Auxiliary Corps with the Austrian Army
1918      - April, Commander-in-Chief of II Army Corps
1918      - May 27, Commander-in-Chief of Polish Military Forces out of
               Austro-German occupied territory
1920      - July 23, Commander-in-Chief of the Northern Front
1920/27 - Member of Parliament (Sejm)
1937      - He created the Labor Party
1940/43 - Minister of Education in the government of W. Sikorski
1960      - He died

Jozef Haller was born on August 13, 1873 in Jurczyce near Krakow. Young Haller studied in Vienna at the Technical Military Academy, subsequently serving with the Austrian Army. In 1916, during the First World War, he became the commander of the Second Brigade of the Polish Legion. Than in 1918 in the aftermath of the "Charge of Rarancza," as commander of the Polish Auxiliary Corps with the Austrian Army, he crossed over to the  Russian side. Subsequently, he arrived in France, where on behalf of the Polish National Committee, and on the side of France, he created what was known as "Haller's Army", or "The Blue Army", because  the soldiers wore blue uniforms.  In France, General Jozef Haller had commanded six divisions of the Polish Army during the 1914 -18 War, and other units had been attached to the French Foreign Legion. At the outbreak of war about 25,000 Polish-Americans had volunteered to fight in the trenches. Then the  Haller's Army was transferred to Poland in 1919 and as commander, he arrived in the homeland on the Ukrainian front. During 1940-1943 he was the  Minister of Education in the government of Wladyslaw Sikorski. 

On the picture Jozef Haller surrounded by real photos of numerous Blue Army soldiers in uniform many wearing medals.

Pin Issued by Ecclesiastical Goods Co. Chicago during Jozef Haller's visit to the United States in 1923. 
He took part in Battles: Rafajlowa, Zielona, Pasieczna, Pniow, Nadwoma, Hwozd, Mielnike, Fitkow, Moltkow, Pasieczna, Zielona, Rafajlowa, Zielona, Maksymiec, Rafajlowa, Maksymies, Zielona, Pasieczna, Pniow, Maniawa, Kxyszka, Markowa, Solotwina, Zuraki, Bohorodczany, Niebytow, Kolomyja, Stobychwa, Zarzecze, Wielieko, Janowka, Silowicze, Rudka Myczynska, Barancza, Kaniow, Brzesc, Janow, Sokolow, Mink Masowiecki, Radzymin, Nasielsk, Mlawa, Przasnysz, Waraszaw. 

Above: Banner which was presented to General Haller by Pope Benedict the 15th. The White Eagle and the "Bogu Rodzica" / Mother of God are pictured.

The story of general Jozef Haller and the Polish army in France has long gone untold.

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