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Polish Traditions and Customs
Polish Folk Costumes:

Polish Costumes. Polish folk costume has been widely recognized as an important part of the heritage of traditional peasant culture.

Poland remains one of the few European countries in which with the onset of the 21st century one can still encounter some "living" manifestations of folk culture. The traditional costumes usually people are wearing on festive occasion

Below are samples of only few folk costumes from Poland:



Traditional folk clothing of the          
Highlanders from Babia Gora region.







Traditional folk clothing of the  
Opoczyn region.                      








Traditional folk clothing of the          
Piotrkow region.





 Traditional clothing from the Krakow region   

Man is wearing: waist-coat and "krakuska" the particular sort of a four cornered cap. Women is wearing: bodice and white blouse.



A peacock feather in the cap is an inseparable           
part of full Krakow dress. Looks beautiful on the cap. 

See sample of the peacock feather on the left.      


Lachy Sadeckie /Podegrodzie    Podlaski costume        Sieradzki costume       

Beautiful Polish Folk Costumes shown on PC's:

Polish Folk Costumes - Crakow Region

Polish Folk Costumes - Cieszyn Region

Polish Folk Costumes - Highlands Region

Polish Folk Costumes - Lowicz Region

Polish Folk Costumes - Lublin Region

Polish Folk Costumes - Kurpie Region

Polish Folk Costumes - Vicinity of Poznan

Polish Folk Costumes - Vicinity of Pultusk

Polish Folk Costumes - Rzeszow Region


Above samples are from the collection of old Polish Postcards and books printed in Poland.

Many traditions are regional.

Due to the rich variety of many regional traditions in Poland, some published information might be little different. 

Pictures are published for information only and are from the books: Poland's Living Folk Culture, Polskie Stroje Ludowe w Polsce and Stroj Ludowy w Polsce and old different postcards. 

See more old Polish Folk Postcards online here.


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