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Crazy Horse Monument:

After 57 years, Crazy Horse monument will ask for help...

Picture shows Ziolkowski's scale model up against the mountain.

CUSTER, S.D. -- Nearly six decades have passed since work began on the Crazy Horse Memorial, a granite mountain being carved into a colossal sculpture of the Sioux warrior, arm outstretched toward his ancestral homeland, astride a stallion more than two football fields long. 
When it's finished -- and no one can say when that will be -- the
sculpture will be 563 feet high and 641 feet long. It will be taller
than the Washington Monument, and so big that the four presidential heads on nearby Mount Rushmore would fit inside the nine-story-high warrior's head. But with $17 million spent so far, raised largely from visitors and others familiar with the project, only part of the monument is finished.  
Now, for the first time, a national fund-raising drive is being quietly
started. The monument was suggested in 1939 by Sioux Chief Henry Standing Bear, who asked sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski to do the work. After considering it for years, Ziolkowski began sculpting the mountain in 1948. He doggedly pursued it for the rest of his life, rejecting federal money and other government help. He died in 1982, but his widow, Ruth, and seven of their 10 children have continued the work. The $26.5 million fund-raising campaign will be aimed at foundations, corporations and individuals.

Crazy horse web cam: www.crazyhorse.org/webcam.shtml
More on the web site: www.crazyhorse.org/story.shtml

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