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EXHIBITION IN POLAND - Poland and the Holy See | 1,050 Years of History ...

Relates to the 1,050 year-old history of Christianity in Poland


Exhibition “Lux in Oriente - Lux ex Oriente: Poland and the Holy See – 1,050 Years of History”, the exhibition will bring together objects from the Vatican museum and Polish church collections and museums.


Documents and other items which relate to the 1,050 year-old history of Christianity in Poland will travel around Polish cities next year will be shown in three cities:

Poznan    (Poznań) -     20 January-3 May in Muzeum Narodowe 

Wroclaw (Wrocław) -   18 May-31 August in Pałac Królewski. 

Warsaw (Warszawa) - 16 September-18 December in Zamek Królewski

(Art by Jan Matejko / Wikimedia Commons)


The chalice of St Adalbert (the patron saint of Poland, Bohemia and Hungary), Dagome iudex (one of the earliest documents relating to Poland, dating from the 10th century) and the original document confirming the election of Karol Wojtyła to the papacy in 1978 – these are some of the 150 exhibits to be included at an exhibition to mark next year’s 1,050th anniversary of Christianity on Polish lands. The exhibits will also include the coronation sword of Polish monarchs (‘Szczerbiec’) and the Book of Henryków (a Latin chronicle of the Cictercian Abbey in Henryków which contains the first sentence written entirely in the Old Polish language).


Source: PI
Date: 05-11-2015


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