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Canonization of Pope John Paul II ...  

Pope Francis set the date for the canonization's of his predecessors  Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII: and both popes  will be made saints together. On April 27, 2014   two popes  will be officially added to the communion of saints next year on Divine Mercy Sunday, a Catholic solemnity actively promoted by John Paul II.

The normal process to be declared a saint in the Catholic church is lengthy and usually requires the Vatican to determine that the sainted person has been responsible for two miracles since his or her death. 

While Francis approved determination of a second miracle for John Paul II in July, he moved forward with John XXIII's canonization without such a declaration.

Pope John Paul II was elected pope in October 1978 as the first non-Italian since the 16th century. He served until his 2005 death. Pope John XXIII was elected in October 1958 and served until his 1963 death.

John Paul II was the second-longest-serving pope in history and was noted for his series of trips around the world, his role in ending communism, and for positions of strict doctrinal adherence to official church teachings on such issues as artificial contraception and the possibility of women's ordination. 

John XXIII is perhaps most noted for convening the Second Vatican Council, a 1962-65 meeting of the world's bishops in Rome. That council led to a number of church reforms, from the celebration of Mass in the local language instead of Latin to the reorientation of the definition of the church as "the People of God."

April's sainthood ceremony will no doubt see large crowds gather at the Vatican from around the world to take part, perhaps particularly pilgrims from John Paul II's native Poland.


Source: Internet 
Date: 09-31-2013

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