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Marie Curie (Sklodowska)...

One of the most famous Polish female scientists is Marie Curie (Sklodowska), who had tremendous influence on our understanding of radioactivity. 



Here are some things you might not know about Curie:

* Her name at birth was Maria Sklodowska.

* When studying X-rays was the cool thing to do, Curie turned her attention to Becquerel rays, which are emitted from uranium.

* Curie's quest to find other elements that would emit these rays led her to discover the element polonium.

* Polonium was named after Marie Curie's birth country of Poland.

* Curie published a paper about the discovery of polonium, even though she wouldn't have been able to measure its atomic weight with the materials she had. 

* She discovered radium in 1898.

* Her husband, Pierre Curie, refused to accept the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 unless Marie could be included - and then she was.

* The Curies could not attend the Nobel ceremony in 1903 because of poor health; they had been working in a laboratory with deplorable conditions.

* Marie Curie replaced her husband as professor of physics at the Sorbonne in 1906, after he was killed by a horse-drawn wagon.

* In 1911, she won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, becoming the first person to win a Nobel Prize in two categories.




Source: Internet 
Date: 03-31-2011


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