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Poles the most attractive in Europe...

Poles think they are the most attractive in Europe and hold their drink better than other nations, finds a survey conducted by the UK’s Guardian newspaper.


Fifty seven percent of Poles told opinion pollsters ICM that they thought they were the most attractive in Europe, compared to 41 percent of Spaniards. Only one-in-five Brits think they are the continent’s most alluring.

In fact, Poles have quite a high opinion of themselves in general.

Sixty one percent think they can hold their drink better than other Europeans, compared to 15 percent of Brits and 14 percent of Spaniards.

Seventy percent of Poles think they have the best cuisine in Europe, just 10 percent less than the French, who, of course, have a rather high opinion of their own cooking.

The poll was taken from a sample of 5,000 in five different countries – Poland, Spain, France, Germany and UK.

Only 17 percent of Poles think they are the best drivers in Europe, however.



Date: 03-31-2011


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