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Ellis Island

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Searching for (02/02): (descendants) Wisniowski
I am looking for descendants of Jan Wisniowski who left Huta Poloniecka in Eastern Poland (currently Ukraine). He was likely born in 1880s, 1890s or 1900s. He had two brothers: Pawel (my great-grandfather) and Antoni. Apparently he settled in Chicago and had at least one daughter Stephanie. If you have any information about Jan or any members of his family, please contact me by e-mail.

Malgorzata J.M . Nowaczyk, MD, FRCPC, FCCMG; Hamilton, Canada
Contact: email

Searching for (02/05): Witkowski, Stanisław
I am searching for my brother Stanisław Witkowski, son of Zofia and Kazimierz Witkowski, born in year 1925 in Lvow (mother died very early). When my brother was was only 15 year old, he was taken and sent to cologne in Kijov. Since that time I never heard anything about him. All search by organization PCK didn't help. I wish to get any information about my brother.

Ryszard Witkowski from Poland
Contact: email

Searching for (11/09): Wojciechowski, Sophie
I'm desperately searching for a girl that used to live in Canada. She moved back to Poland around 2007~2008. Her name is Sophie Wojciechowski, also Sophie Agnieszka Wojciechowski
, and I believe she likes to go by the name Sophie Wojciechowski Mills. She's half English and Polish, currently 23 years old, DOB: 1986/18/06. She's 170cm, long orange curly hair, hazel eyes, and she wears glasses. Her intended focus is pharmacy and I believe that she is attending the Medical University of Gdansk, though I'm not certain. Her past email was: crazy_sophie3@........ . She should be living with her father, who's supposedly 48 years old and in the Law/Legal Services industry. I've attached a old picture of hers to the side. Please if anyone has ANY information - let me know. 
Sophie if you're reading this, I've never given up on trying to find you, and I never will.
Contact me please. 

Name: Simon Ng, Brooklyn, NY,  USA, Tel. 646-236-4710 or e-mail: simon.ng@cix.csi.cuny.edu
Contact: email

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