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Ellis Island
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Searching for (10/06): (relatives) Olszewski, Katarzyna (Catharin)
I am looking for relatives of  Katarzyna Olszewska (Catharin Olszewski or Catharine Olszewski), who had sister Jozefa (Josephine) Madej and brother Jan (John) Bacia.  Please contact me:  tel. 203 944-0313 or email: krystynapabian@yahoo.com.

Krystyna Pabian, Shelton, CT, USA.
Contact: email

Searching for (03/02): Ozga, Iza
I am looking for a good friend of mine Iza Ozga from Gdansk. She used to live in Chicago area. If you know her please send me email: Flyhigh2@msn.com .

Name: Suave U.
Contact: email

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