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Searching for (03/17): Naumowicz, Janina
I am looking for a friend Janine Naumowicz (she might change her last name) from 80's. She used to live in Suwalki, she was from Augustow. I live in USA, and often go to Poland and want to see her. Please contact me.

Name: Danuta Golembiewska; address and tel. in the file, email: danutaltlc@gmail.com email: danutaltlc@gmail.com .
Contact: email

Searching for (01/01): (relatives) Nowidska
I am looking for my relatives from Poland. Either with last name of SYPNIEWICZ or NOWIDSKA. My father was born in Krakow in 1912 and lost his parents when he was about 3 yrs old - his name was Juliusz Sypniewicz. My mother was born in Lvov in 1918. She had 3 sisters and a brother. Her name was Wanda Nowidska. My parents left Poland in 1945 and were sent to an American refugee camp in Germany. If anyone has any information or provide information on how to begin my search in Poland, I would greatly appreciate it. My parents are now gone, and I do not want to loose any of my wonderful heritage and memories, I want my children and grandson to be able to continue what my parents worked so hard to preserve.

Name: Grace Bates
Contact: email

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