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Searching for (10/06): (relatives) Madej, Josephine (Jozefa)
I am looking for the family of Josephine Madej (m. Bacia), who was born about 1891 in Ostrusza (Galicja) Poland. Daughter of Piotr Bacia and Ludwika Majcher. She emigrated to Waterbury, CT., USA in 1912. In year 1914 she married Wladislaw Madej in Waterbury, Ct. She had children: Maria (Mary), Wladislaw (Ladislaus), and Helena (Helen). 
...also, I am looking for her sister who lived in US: Katarzyna Olszewska (Catharin Olszewski) and her brother Jan Bacia.  Please contact me:  tel. 203 944-0313 or email: krystynapabian@yahoo.com.

Krystyna Pabian, Shelton, CT, USA.
Contact: email

Searching for (03/03) (relatives) Marcjan, Adela
I am searching for relatives of Adela Marcjan (her marriage name is unknown) and her children. Adela Marcjan was born in USA between years 1905 and 1915. She was a daughter of Marceli Marcjan, son of Szczepan and Marianna, born in Holendry Pyzdenskie or Zagorow in Poland, between years 1880 and 1890. Last known address (from years 1930-1950) was: 4758 So Wool St., Chicago, Il 60609. Probably he was an owner of the restaurant. My grandfather had few brothers: Marceli (in USA), Ambrozy (in USA - Chicago?), Kazimierz (in Poland), Wladyslaw (in Poland), and two more brothers, but their first names are unknown (in USA). Wife of my grandfather; Helena (maid name was Wojtasik), and her siblings emigrated to USA too. My name is Maciej Marcjan, born in 1948, and I am Stanislaw Marcjan and Helena's (Wojtasik) grandson.

Name: Maciej Marcjan, Polska, tel. 48 (1033) 523860595, email: jolchen@go2.pl lub jolchen@o2.pl
Contact: email

Searching for (01/02): Macko, Andrzej, Ewa and Stefan
We are searching for 2 brothers and 1 sister: Andrej Macko, Ewa Macko and Stefan Macko (born 1942). Their parents Yadwiga Macko (Wegonewska?) and Stefan Macko. They lived in Zamosc, Krasnysta and Annopol. Our mother Helena Yasinska is searching them.

Name: M. Kron
Contact: email

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