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Searching for (01/05): (family) Labaza
I am looking for my granduncle's family. Brother of my grandmother emigrated to Philadelphia, USA, I think between WWI and WWII, from the small city Kozowa near Tarnopol (present Ukraine). His last name was Labaza ( Łabaza )

Zofia Buchert, phone (48) 697211475
Contact: email

Zdjecie: slubu wujka
Picture: uncle's wedding 
Na zdjeciu: dzieci wujka
Picture: uncle's kids

Searching for  (01/04): (family) Lach, Kazimierz
I am looking for the family of Kazmimierz Lach, who was born on June, 16, 1896 in Imielnie (pow. kutnowski at the time was Russia); father: Jozef, mother: Jozefa (Pawlak). Kazimierz Lach had 3 brothers (Stanslaw, Franciszek, Jan) and 3 sisters (Wladyslawa, Marianna, Stanislawa). Kazimierz came to New York on august 21, 1912. His address was: 8520 Burley Ave, South Chicago (with his deceased brother: Franciszek). When he got married, his address was: 3023 E. 80th Place, So. Chicago. He had 3 kids; 2 daughters and 1 son. I will appreciate for any information about my uncle's family, on my email.

Name: Henryk Lach; ul. Czeladzka 72, 41-100 Siemianowice Sl., Poland. Tel. +48 32 2200450

Searching for (03/02): (last name) Lashenski
I am looking for anyone named Lashenski (not sure about the spelling). I know that they immigrated from Poland. (do not know year or ages of persons). When they arrived I know the last name was changed to Siskey. My mother and I have been looking for them for years. If anyone can help, PLEASE e-mail me at kcox_509@hotmail.com. Thank You.

Name: Karen Cox
Contact: email

Searching for (02/02): Lemanski, Adam
I am searching for my friend from Poland...who arrived to USA in 1982, and live somewhere Los Angeles, his name : Adam Lemanski...he's 27 years old. He is my friend from the elementary school.

Name: Rafal Luczak; Technical University of Opole, Opole , Poland
Contact: email

Searching for (02/01): Lopucki, Robert
Please find: Robert Lopucki. My email: lopuckic@gvsu.edu

Name: Carol Lopucki
Contact: email

Searching for (08/07): (relatives) Lukasiewicz, (or Lukaszewicz) Helena
I am looking for ancestors of my grandmother's 2 sisters. My grandmother was Marianna Malkiewicz from Groussów, who was born on March 26, 1877 in Krzynowłodze Małej k/Przasnysza, Poland. Her parents were: Leonardta Groussa and Antoniny Grouss from Kobylińskich. My grandmother's sisters were: Zofia ( Sophie ) and Helena ( Helen ), who just before WWII imigrated to Cleveland St. Ohio. USA. Their last names (after their husbands) were: Siwanowicz and Lukasiewicz or Lukaszewicz.

Name: Jadwiga Pawełkiewicz, (Warsaw, Poland) tel.  48 22 642 45 14
Contact: email

Searching for (12/01): (relatives) Lupinski
I am trying to find information on my great-grandfather Felix Lupinski born 07-06-1880 in Nowa Lupianka Poland near Lapy Poland. His parents were Alexander and Katherine Lupinski and he had three brothers, Joseph who came to the US with Felix approximately 1901, Stanley who also came to the US and later returned to Poland and Vincent who remained in Poland. I am interested in any information on the family and any relatives that may still live in Poland.

Name: Stephanie Lupinski-Cockburn
Contact: email

Searching for (08/05): (relatives) Lupinski, Mikael
I am trying to find information on Mikael Lupinski, who was the brother of my great mother. Her name was Konstatina Lupinski. She was married with Dyonis Manikowski.

Name: Irene Manikowski (France)
Contact: email

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