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Poszukiwana (08/07): Kesicka or Brzozowska, Irena
Searching for Irena (Kesicka or Brzozowska), doughter of Zofia and Jan. She was adopted. Today she is about 60 years old; between Janina, and Jadzia. Probably she got married and had 2 children, and lives in Gdansk, Poland. She was probably nurse. One of the sisters was born in Firlusie, so she probably was from this region. If someone knows anything about this person please send me email: cyryla@wp.pl.

Name: Malgorzata Pulkowska,  (Poland) tel. cell. 48 22 606537862
Contakt: email

Searching for (02/03): (relatives) Klimas, Jan
I am searching for relatives of Klimas, Jan, who emigrated approx. 1910 to Chicago. His wife's name was Ewa (she was Lithuanian). His oldest son's name was Jozef, and his daughters names were: Sabina and Marysia (he had about 10 children, and we don't know all the names). Jan Klimas had 3 sisters: (1) Franciszka (Kubik), she was called Antosia; my great grand-mother, (2) Marianna (Jackowska), who died in the fire and (3) Władysława (Marchewka).
I am great grand-daughter of Jan's sister, who right now live in Georgia, USA, and wish to find my relatives.

Name: Agnieszka Brougveyre (Kaczmarek), tel. 770 399-1960
Contact: email

Searching for (03/02): (relatives) Konopa
My husband Dennis' grand-grandparents were Andrzej KONOPA & Franciszka MALECKA (b 27 Apr 1859). It is believed they lived in Poland or a part of Poland that was under German rule. Franciszka did come to Buffalo NY with her two youngest children according to EI and was living at the same address as her daughter Elzbieta according to 1920 Census on Beck St and Franciszka's death certificate on Sweet Ave. I can't find anything on her husband Andrzej -- I am presuming he died in Poland or did not come to the states with her. ~~ Their oldest son was Jozef Konopa (b 28 Jan 1877) who was married to Katarzyna Skierkiewicz (b ca 1876). Or her first name may have been Rozalja (his naturalization application has his wife as Rozalia w/o a last name). They had at least two children born in Poland: Bronislawa Konopa (b 15 Sept 1899) and Stanislaw Konopa (b 24 Mar 1902). The rest of their children were born in USA. ~~ Their oldest daughter - not sure of name have been told it was Stella Konopa (b ca 1879 PL d Mar 1910) was married to Michal Glinski (b. ca 1877). It is believed she died while giving birth to their youngest Pelagia. As far as I know these were their children: Anna Glinska (b ca 1902 PL ), Zofia Glinska (b ca 1905), Bronislaw Glinski (b 7 Mar 1906) and Pelagia Glinska (b Mar 1910). ~~ Michal Glinski then married her sister, Elzbieta Konopa (b ca 1988) about 1911. According to EI, they arrived in US 27 Dec 1911 aboard the SS Rijndam. Their departure was from Rotterdam, So Holland/Netherlands. Elzbieta was with child. Their residence was notated as Jabschitz Germany. Their final destination was to his father Jan Glinski in Buffalo NY. All their children were born in the USA. ~~ The youngest son was Franciszek or Franz Konopa (b 23 Apr 1896 in Lopola Germany) according to EI, he arrived in US with Elzbieta & her family at the age of 16 with their same info as far as residence, ship, etc. Now according to his declaration papers, he was a sailor. Arrived on the Ryndam from Rotterdam Holland Feb 1912. This is all the information I have on Franz. No idea if he ever married or not. ~~ It is possible that Andrzej & Franciszka may have had other children but I am not aware of them at this time. I know Franciszka did have siblings but I do not know their names or her parent's names. I think Andrzej & Franciszka's parents stayed in Poland but I am not sure.

Name: Dolores L (nee SZALASNY) KONOPA
Contact: email

Searching for (09/01): Korycki's Family
In between the World Wars, Waleriana Korycka, the only sister of my Grandfather, Piotr Korycki, immigrated to the United States from region of Nasielsk in Central Poland (villages of Nuna and Morgi). My Grandfather died before my Mother, Jadwiga, was born. My Grandmother, Innocenta (her maiden name was Kilis), did not know anybody of the family of her husband who deceased in unexplainable circumstances. Therefore, I have no information about my relatives from the Korycki family. Waleriana Korycka got married in the U.S. and had a son named John who has probably died. As far as I know, their relatives live in Gdansk. Their daughter's name was Jadwiga. Anyone who might have heard of Korycki's family, please, do contact me.

Name: Piotr Korycki
Contact: email

Searching for (09/13): Korzeniowska, Miroslawa 
I am searching for a friend Miroslawa Korzeniowska (Czarnecka - year of birth 1951), who was attending TE school in Suwalki, during years: 1967-70. Last address before she went to USA was Białystok, ul. Synów Pułku, Poland.
I would appreciate any contact information.

Name: Anastazja Romanowicz z.d. Sokołowska, tel. 0049-5231-37445 or 0049-176-45145540 or via email
Contact: email

Searching for (12/01): (relatives) Kozireski
I am trying to find information on my great-grandparents Vincent Kozireski and Mary Stepknowski-Kozireski. They came to the US in the late 1890's from Poland. Mary was born in a village north of Warsaw Poland and her parents were Joseph Stepknowski and Constance Rutkowski-Stepknowski. I would appreciate any information.

Name: Stephanie Lupinski-Cockburn
Contact: email

Searching for (12/01): (Family) Krymer, that could be written "Krimer"
I am looking for any member of my family that nowadays lives in Poland. My grandparents and father were born in Poland. Used to live in Kazimierz, Pulaway and Lublin Cities. My last name ( Krymer, that could be written "Krimer"), it would help a lot. The only information I have available is the following one: The data I have, were taken from a translation done in Buenos Aires. It is my father's birth certificate. And it says: "Israelites jurisdiction of Kazimierki. Birth Certificate. I certified through Act 54, within the book of births from the Jurisdiction Office, year 1911 that Modko José Krymer, son of Zelman and Chaja Koorngold, spouses Krymer, was born in Kazimierki the 28th of December of 1911. Pulaway, October 9th, 1920. Chief of the Jurisdiction Office. Deputy of the Poland District.

Name: Carlos Krimer from Mar del Plata-Buenos Aires State, Argentina
Contact: email

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