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Searching for (08/01): (relatives) Dolny, Joseph
I am looking for my relatives from Poland. My father, Joseph Dolny, was born on 28th December 1916 in Poland (possibly Grudziaz). His father was Lorenz Dolny, a farmer, and his mother Frances Dolny (nee Grala). He attended school in Danzig (Gdansk). He emigrated to Edinburgh, Scotland during the Second World War and stayed here ever since. He married my mother Gertrude Ann Dolny on 27th September 1969. Any information regarding the Dolny family would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks.

Name: Miss Janina Dolny; 50 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND, EH3 9DW
Contact: email

Searching for (03/02): (relatives) Dziadosz, Fryderyk
I am trying to trace any living relatives of Fryderyk Dziadosz, born on March 3rd 1927 in Rzeszow and emigrated to the UK in approx 1945. I am his daughter and any information would be welcomed, I can recall him talking about a sister Anna and brothers Ludwik and Stanislaw.

Name: Suzan Mcgurk
Contact: email

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