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Searching for (10/06): (relatives) Bacia, Jan (John)
I am trying to trace any living relatives of  John Bacia, who was born about 1892 in Ostrusza (Galicja), Poland. Son of Piotr Bacia and Ludwika Majcher. In year 1912, he emigrated to Chicago, IL., USA.
...also, I am looking for his sisters who lived in US: Katarzyna Olszewska (Catharin Olszewski) and Jozefa (Josephine) Madej.  Please contact me:  tel. 203 944-0313 or email: krystynapabian@yahoo.com.

Krystyna Pabian, Shelton, CT, USA.
Contact: email

Searching for (09/01): (relatives) Blaszczak
Blaszczak familyI am looking for family in MAGIEROW (POLAND - UKRAINE). The name I am searching for is: BLASZCZAK. My grandfather was LUDWIK and his wife was ANNA. Their children were FRANCISK, OLGA and KAZIMIERZ. My father was KAZIMIERZ. FRANCIESIK and KAZIMIERZ came to the United States in 1913. They came with their father - LUDWIK - who returned to Poland. Traveling with them was JULIA BLASZCZAK. I do not know what relation she was to my family. On the ship's manifest it stated that JULIA BLASZCZAK was going to meet her husband - FRANCIESIK WISHOLEK - in New Amsterdam, New York. The ship's manifest for my grandfather (LUDWIK BLASZCZAK) stated that he was going to meet JAC. BICHOU who also lived in New Amsterdam, New York. In 1913, LUDWIK BLASZCZAK was 47 years old. I have attached a PHOTOGRAPH - going from left to right: FRANCIESIK - LUDWIK - KAZIMIERZ. PLEASE, PLEASE, anyone with any information on BLASZCZAK or MAGIEROW, please e-mail me. Thank you very much.

Name: Patricia (Patty) BLASZCZAK Cole
Contact: email

Searching for (01/02): (relatives) Bogunowicz
I am looking for relatives of my grand-father Bogunowicz ----- Bogunovich Bronislaw Izydor, his brother was Michal ---- Michael. He lived in NETREBA --ZBARAZ---TARNOPOL-----LWOW.

Name: I. Kanon
Contact: email

Searching for (08/07): Kesicka or Brzozowska, Irena
Searching for Irena (Kesicka or Brzozowska), doughter of Zofia and Jan. She was adopted. Today she is about 60 years old; between Janina, and Jadzia. Probably she got married and had 2 children, and lives in Gdansk, Poland. She was probably nurse. One of the sisters was born in Firlusie, so she probably was from this region. If someone knows anything about this person please send me email: cyryla@wp.pl.

Name: Malgorzata Pulkowska,  (Poland) tel. cell. 48 22 606537862
Contakt: email


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